Sunday, May 30, 2010

snowy is done

Snowy Owl (SNOW)
mixed media on gallery canvas

i had a lot of fun creating and working on this piece; there's not one inch of the painting that is not full of texture and depth. the sky is luminescent, glowing leaf under washes of blue & gold, the snow is full of winery hues of violet & aqua, the rocks built up from actual stone & sands. and the owl himself is cut from one heavy sheet of paper & mounted upon it all.
i thought long & hard to show the right stage of his plumage- go all white or speckle his feathers with more blacks for the spring. in the end i chose a late February look; he's just beginning to get his spots back.
he, along with 3 other canvases are designated for the Gallery, and now i get to work on some new pieces for the Slave Lake library show as well as more (always more) for the Gallery and even a few smaller pieces for trades :)

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