Tuesday, June 8, 2010

head fulf of big, furry ones and long feathery ones...

inspiration can come from the all over. for me, it normally comes from a dream, or the particular shape of a canvas, or seeing something in person that makes me want to paint it.

i'm working on a bison because i have 3 friends who, in the last few weeks, have painted beautiful bisons! a big violet one, a large soft brown eye, and a meatatarian's dream have forced (though, eagerly and with copious pleasure, mind you) my hand into painting my own furry beauty.

also, i recently heard that Grizzlies have (sadly) been placed on Canada's threatened species list, and my mind's eye is filled with golden fur and stoic shyness.

oh, yes, i also am working on a new Black-throated hummingbird, a Cedar Waxwing, and a Blue Heron; always, my birds :)