Monday, December 27, 2010

time keeps on slippin' into the future...

and... yes, i do want to fly like an eagle to the sea!

but for now this crooked little birdie will buff up her downy featherage and brave the cold while dreaming of warm breezes, coctailitos by the ocean, and midnight walks under a full summer moon.

i have a bit of time here over the christmas season to relax, settle in, and dabble a bit on some canvases and paper. made a fabulous trade with one of my most inspirational and favorite artist friends, and someone i simply need to visit with more often! my new year should be chock full of art, experimentation, happiness, friends and family. i have desires to travel east, and south- and hopefully will be able to do both- to change my daily habits, better the good ones and lessen the baddies. and overall simply enjoy each day and the little bits of magic within!