Thursday, March 24, 2011


you would think with a fabulous new computer at home i’d be a fanatical blogger, however lately it seems i’ve been doing anything but! one excuse i’m using for my lack of updates is that i’m painting instead of puter-ing, and here’s a pretty pic to prove it (holy alliteration Batman!)

it’s a 4x4” square that will become part of a mural mosaic for the Lt. Governor General's arts awards coming up April 7, 2011. it was a fun little inspirational piece, and the theme of the unified mural is floral, so i thought a wee-hummer was fitting! more information about the whole mural mosaic process can be found here.

tomorrow is a full day of artistic joy, painting in the morning, a meeting in the afternoon with the City Arts Centre about the possibility of watercolour instruction, and more painting in the evening… i’ll do my darndest to keep this blog updated, as i have some new works on the go and want to share...