Sunday, May 30, 2010

snowy is done

Snowy Owl (SNOW)
mixed media on gallery canvas

i had a lot of fun creating and working on this piece; there's not one inch of the painting that is not full of texture and depth. the sky is luminescent, glowing leaf under washes of blue & gold, the snow is full of winery hues of violet & aqua, the rocks built up from actual stone & sands. and the owl himself is cut from one heavy sheet of paper & mounted upon it all.
i thought long & hard to show the right stage of his plumage- go all white or speckle his feathers with more blacks for the spring. in the end i chose a late February look; he's just beginning to get his spots back.
he, along with 3 other canvases are designated for the Gallery, and now i get to work on some new pieces for the Slave Lake library show as well as more (always more) for the Gallery and even a few smaller pieces for trades :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

redwinged blackie

my Red-winged blackbird is complete- he's 15x30x2", and has many different layers and textures throughout. the cattails are a mix of soft hemp paper and sand, and the leaves are embellished with swirls of japanese lace tissue, and his "red-wing" brilliantly shines with gold leaf. i love him! off to the Gallery he goes...

Friday, May 14, 2010

the path to tread... or fly.

wow, for someone wanting to update this blog more often, i'm sad to say that it's been 2 months since my last post. a lot has happened since then; i'm back to having official representation here in the city at the FRONT Gallery. looking forward to a big group show it's putting on at the new Lexus dealership for the month of June, and painting a few works for it- a snowy owl in violets and copper, and a red-winged blackbird surrounded by cattails.

i've also been asked to have a show at the new Rotary Club of Slave Lake Public Library in September. it'll be a great venue for some smaller works, plus i'll get to reunite with some old friends that i haven't seen for a while.

i've got some big plans brewing in my head for the future, and how to accomplish them. taking a jump, albeit a well-prepared one, is always exciting and scary. but it must be done!